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Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Why iShake?

iShake - The Intelligent Shaker


  • Just Press Start
  • Self cleaning and Lubrication


  • Reduced Mixing Times


  • Reduced Service Costs

Technical Data


Just Press Start!



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iShake - The Intelligent Shaker
  • iShake will recognise your paint can and automatically select the:
  • Fastest Shaking Speed (rpm)
  • Optimal Shaking Time 
  • Best Clamping Pressure
  • iShake will carry out automatic cleaning and lubrication.
  • Intelligent software - upgrade via RS 232 port.
  • Change parameters via front panel.
  • Automatic cleaning cycle.
  • Clamp Release function to free "jammed" paint cans.
  • Customer can program 9 extra special programs for special paints.

Very Low Power Consumption.


iShake - The Faster Shaker

Significant Reduction in Mixing Times

  • Tester pots - 15 secs
  • 5 litres - 30 secs
  • 10 litres - 60 secs
  • Optimal mixing speeds, clamping pressures and mixing times

Increased Throughput & Lower Service Downtime



iShake - The Competitive Shaker
     Reduced Service Costs
  • iShake will carry out self cleaning and lubrication
  • Softstart reduces stress on mechanical components
  • Built with durable, industrial grade components

Lowest Lifetime Ownership Costs

Technical Data

iShake - Technical Data

Product Name

iShake vibrational shaker

Special features

Shaker selects shake speeds, shaking time and clamping pressure automatically.

Market Applications

High End Paint Shops mixing large volumes of paint in a variety of paint cans up to and including 20 litres

Unique features

• Intelligent software - upgrade via RS 232 port
• Change parameters via front panel
• Automatic cleaning cycle
• Clamp Release function to free "jammed" paint cans.
• Customer can program extra 9 special programs for special paints.
• Very low power consumption

Mixing action

Vibrational - up to 862 RPM *** (see safety notice below) ***

Mixing capacity

40 kg

Mixing Speeds

3 Automatically selected speeds based on can size

Motor Power

0,75 kw with frequency inverter

Mixing range - container dimensions height

5 - 40 cms

Mixing range - container dimensions diameter

36 cms

Mixing range - container types

Metal, Plastic including oval

Clamping system

Automatic - pressure changes based on can size

Display / Controls

LCD with panel

Timer - Minute timer

Automatic time selection with 9 extra "special times"



Mixing speed and mixing times

3 zones up to 900 rpm

Clamping pressure

3 zones - select for each product

Mixing Direction - bi directional

Turn on or off

Softstart and speed (gear) change




Pull out tray



Large Perspex hanging door - fit right or left side. Optional Pull up door.

Dimensions H x W x D (cm)

117 x 67 x 72

Specifications subject to change without notice

Safety Notice 

Recommended speeds are from 545 to 606 RPM. If you wish to use higher speeds or if the planned mixing duration is longer than 5 minutes, please contact Chameleon for optimal settings.



iShake - Downloads



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